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Services and Rates

Natal Interpretations(includes interpretations for 8 asteroids*)
$ 150 per hour
Relationship Interpretations(including 8 asteroids*)
$ 170 per hour
Natally based current events(includes interpretations for 8 asteroids*)
$ 80 for up to 30 minutes
Relationship based Current Events(including 8 asteroids*)
$ 95 per hour

The above options are usually able to be combined into a two hour session which includes Information about any combination of the above, if requested.

Relationship interpretations can be between any 2-4 people (Sibling, Romantic, Business, Friends, Small Groups, etc.)

A price quote for a combination will be determined at time of request

Note *asteroid interpretations can be optional

Rate - 25 Asteroid focus(asteroids may be chosen, suggestions can be discussed, as there are Many thousands of asteroids to choose from including names of people, locations,
And other significant words such as topics, etc.)
These provide details that “fill in” Greater understanding of circumstances encountered (especially repeated themes) Can include current transits or anticipated beginnings and conclusions of themes.
$160 per hour
“Timing is Everything”
Rate for determining date/time of intended event
Such as: Wedding, Beginning a business or launching a new phase/change.
Other events that are significant in life – and in which a choice Of date/time is able to be made prior to said event
(College applications, Interviews, Important purchases, Etc.)
Includes discussion of suggested dates/times for better choosing
$100 per hour

Tips to maximize your purchase

I encourage note-taking or recording the reading if at all possible. This keeps your cost down. I can also offer a recording for a small extra fee (depending upon the length of time they’ve chosen). A recording or notes allows the information to be accessed at any time later, to allow time for full absorption.