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Why Choose Vienna

January 10, 2020

What sets your interpretations apart from other websites that offer free charts and horoscopes?

First of all, these options can be fun and interesting. Each person has an expectation (fully informed or not) of what they can derive from this information. Any person looking for insight will have their own preferences about how they want it delivered and what they seek to address. There is something for everyone. If you haven’t yet found what feels useful to you, keep looking.

I’ve long ago adopted a different approach to the standard old school, authoritative approach to explaining astrological concepts. The concepts are reflective of our inner selves (or, “inner universe”) and are not representative of a “belief system”.

 A number of people influenced the changes I began to make interpretively, including, but not limited to,  Dane Rudhyar, Micheal R. Meyer, Alan Oken, Marshall Rosenburg, Demetra George, Martha Lang Wescott, and several others. 

Symbolism has influenced human thought for eons. Astrology contains symbols which, to the person who is studying them, will represent certain ideas, cycles and continuities. Each and every interpreter will have their own perception of the meaning of these symbols.  Each will choose whether to move beyond the already established, but somewhat stagnant representations that are quite prevalent still in the databases and literature. No need to limit ourselves, as more information, and discoveries occur almost daily. In keeping up, humans continue to create new meaning and symbolism to add to and enhance our perceptions.

Combining 50 years of astrological study with life experience,  assists me with helping  people who seek greater  understanding and value within their lives. If a problem calls for solution, I offer mostly suggestions, for there are usually many more options to address a concern than we realize. You will then be making your choices or create new ones that you’ve become inspired to try on your own, as a result.

Each reading I offer is based upon the unique chart of the person or people I am addressing at the time.
I don’t use templates filled with over-simplified and authoritative predictions that may disregard the wisdom and preferences of the person seeking this information. I listen to the information and feelings a person has in their inquiry. This immediately tunes me in to the relevant symbolism of the chart we are looking at. I am then able to reflect not only validation or clarification, but insights for greater personal development and what can be transformed into something personally valuable to this person if that is a stated goal.

I use an approach of Non-Violent Communication (Marshall Rosenburg) to explain examples of  strategies for managing an issue or helping oneself or communicating with another. This approach avoids concepts such as guilt, shame, blame, and other judgments that really don’t help us. We are in a new century, and it is a time of finding new ways of seeing ourselves and our world. That is, If we seek this, and feel ready to explore it.

I don’t offer “lucky day dates” because I have found that the concept of a “lucky day” can be misleading, and takes away the power of the individual to make their own shift of  attitude, or recognize their own life wisdom which exists in all of us, whether we know of it, or not. The approach I use can make each day, - potentially – “lucky” due to choices in our views and behaviors. 

If you haven’t tried the free horoscopes or chart readings, perhaps give them a try. And if you aren’t feeling a greater understanding of your body, your inner mind, your life, and the value that each offers, even when experiences are mixed or difficult, then you might try hearing what I have to offer.


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