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Emphasis on Understanding

January 2, 2020

Here, emphasis is upon understanding of the self, of others, and of our world.

So, what makes that different? It is different via the perspective of the translation.

Here, a unique focus consciously translates in terms that move beyond the cultural constructs of dominant Westernized cultural upbringing. Concepts of "good" or "bad" are avoided (who defines that anyway? - it's both cultural and subjective and thus, quite different for each person, so why impose that upon the translation?) Concepts of "what is" and "potential possibilities" or choices, form the basis, which, when mixed with the expressed needs of an individual, can assist a person, for example, in finding hope, relief and or more freely moving forward.

Here, the approach is open minded, embracing the spectacular diversity of human experience and expression, (feelings, needs, transformations, struggles, grieving, joys, growth, and much more) with support, insights, suggestions of options, and pathways for empowerment. It is all seen as a part of the perpetual process that all are experiencing day to day, year to year, millennium to millennium, and how we can move through it all with greater hope, strength, awareness, grace, tolerance, wisdom, even joy.

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