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Why Choose Vienna

January 10, 2020
What sets your interpretations apart from other websites that offer free charts and horoscopes?
First of all, these options can be fun and interesting. Each person has an expectation (fully informed or not) of what they can derive from this information. Any person looking for insight will have their own preferences about how they want it delivered and what they seek to address. There is something for everyone. ...   read more

Believe in Yourself

January 4, 2020
Let's lay some groundwork: astrology isn't a belief system. It is one of many ancient languages, which uses universal symbolism to convey concepts. The language is dependent upon translators to reveal an immeasurably vast amount of information available. Based upon translation, the symbols can stimulate ideas which offer greater understanding for an individual (and for humanity in general). There are many types of avenues ...   read more

Emphasis on Understanding

January 2, 2020
Here, emphasis is upon understanding of the self, of others, and of our world.
So, what makes that different? It is different via the perspective of the translation.
Here, a unique focus consciously translates in terms that move beyond the cultural constructs of dominant Westernized cultural upbringing. Concepts of "good" or "bad" are avoided (who defines that anyway? - it's both cultural and subjective and thus, quite ...   read more