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About Vienna Astrology

My immersion into astrology began at a young age, barely a teenager. Through this early exposure, I developed deeper understanding of who I was. Having experienced a difficult childhood, lacking in traditional stability, I found guidance from the astrological concepts I studied. They seemed helpful too, when applied during other difficult and traumatic events as time went on. As I learned more, I began to share astrological information with others who sought insights as well.

I’ve always been profoundly curious about people, the world, its history, our universe. Throughout my life, I studied about history, art, anthropology, religion, global events, philosophy, and many other subjects of similar nature (who we are, why we are, where we are)

I rooted much of my adulthood in the healthcare field. I received my under-grad in women’s reproductive health, in particular. My work in maternity, postpartum, infant care and brain development has informed me directly, through interaction and observation. My astrological narrative and exploration has continued with subtle persistence throughout my studies, experiences, observations and everyday life.

It has now been 50 years, since beginning to interpret astrological information for those who sought this from me. As I see it, there clearly remains an untapped and vast wealth of astrological insights to be mined, contemplated, and utilized.

My interpretations focus on freedom of choice through understanding the options and alternatives life presents. I avoid using old cultural constructs, which emphasize a dominant authoritarian communication style. My studies and work in women’s health care in particular has helped me to offer astrological information (when requested) to others in a way that helps them feel more empowered to choose, and supported in accessing their own wisdom through greater understanding.


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